damn nigs i dont use this no more if you wanna continue following a more real version of me rather than gay ass pictures of leaves and shit heisenbooty i mean you dont have to and you can unfollow me if you want its cool BYE LADS


please do not pretend there’s anything wrong with liking attention


Honey Boo Boo and her family are happy, she isn’t doing anything more embarrassing than your standard blush-inducing family photo album stuff and her parents are literally putting every single dollar they make from the show into a college savings for their children and all the gifts she gets from fans get donated to LGBT youth shelters what possible bone could you have to pick with these people other than the fact that you find them slightly abrasive

supergelato-deactivated20140301: wOW ok who was that last anon >:C!????? molly is not a stupid bitch she is awesome please go and fall into a tumble dryer


Anonymous: stupid bitch.